Electric drives

Electrification, electrical systems and drives are currently an important aspect in the area of working machinery. We do not want to lag behind, so we provide complete electrification of machines, whether large or small. We will design the corresponding customised components and make sure that your machine does not lose any power and becomes environmentally-friendly.

Electric drives
  • Electrification of machinery

Replace your combustion engine and tank with an electric motor and battery. It will be beneficial for your machine as well as the environment.

  • Design and delivery of electronic drives

Our team of application engineers can help you to choose the right electronic components for your machine, which will be delivered, debugged and tested on the machine.

  • Sale and service of components

We also provide our customers with a wide range of electrical components from the best manufacturers including complete service.

Our solutions

The development of applications and machinery is constantly moving ahead, which is why we strive to keep up with it and design our own solutions that can make your machine more efficient and improve its functions so that it works more quickly and easily.

All solutions

References speak volumes

We use our many years of experience in numerous projects and in cooperation with our customers we have made machines from various industries move.

Forest Forwarder

Together with our long-term customer we have developed a new version of a forest forwarder used in thinning.

Used technology: H1P, H1B, S45, PVG, MC0xx

Realization: 2018


Our long-term customer, Kobit, approached us with a project of a new solution for a gritter unit for winter road maintenance.

Used technology: PVG, MC0xx, DP570, LSHT motory

Realization: 2018

Mobile production and pump line for cast coating

We have designed and delivered a complete hydraulic circuit for cast coating lines, where the central control system controls several PVG distributors via a CAN bus, thus it controls the complete working cycle of the line.

Used technology: S45, PVG, SAI pistol HM, Danfoss LSHT motors

Realization: 2017

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