Heavy forestry tractor

The robust forestry tractor was designed designed for timber forwarding and logging in difficult forest terrain. Since the aim was to develop a vehicle highly competitive within the international market, it is one of the most advanced machines that we have helped to design when it comes to the technology used and complexity of the solution.

Designed to perform

The tractor is now the largest and most powerful machine from the portfolio of a traditional Slovakian manufacturer, weighing 16.5 tonnes and using an innovative type of 6×6 hydrostatic drive. It is equipped with a hydraulic crane with a reach of 10 m, front blade, hydraulically operated tiltable rear shield and a transport platform with stakes, clambunk and a double drum winch.

Thanks to the long-term co-operation and high level of trust we had been able to built with the manufacturer, our team of system engineers was part of the machine design process since the concept draft. That allowed us to integrate several innovative solutions into the system, be it the drive, steering, control of work functions or connectivity.

Forestry equipment for 21st century

The machine is one of the first large and powerful vehicles that use the 2MT (2-Motor-Transmission) technology, introduced by Danfoss Power Solutions not so long ago. This solution includes two H1B motors, H1 Series hydraulic pump and a two-stage gearbox. The whole propel is controlled by a sophisticated electronic system that we have developed using the PLUS+1 platform. Additionally, operator can take advantage of the steer-by-wire technology that is connected to the EHi electrohydraulic steering unit. As a result, the tractor boasts suprisingly good maneuverability and a very smooth drive that is quite similar to driving a conventional road vehicle.

The control system is built around a set of PLUS+1 controllers that are connected through a CAN interface and control not only the propel, but also work functions of the machine. Operator’s cabin is full of modern and ergonomic control features such as joysticks, CAN keypad or 10-inch touch screen display.

Another essential part of the electronic system is a telematics solution that allows constant remote monitoring of performance data and location of the machine. The integrated CS500 telematics unit provides essential information that can be easily accessible by the owner or operator thanks to the user-friendly interface of PLUS+1 Connect portal.

Work functions are powered by an efficient hydraulic system that includes a PVG valve and other reliable Danfoss Power Solutions components.

Ing. Peter Šinál
Managing Director, LKT Holding, s.r.o.
Thanks to the long-term character of our partnership, we were confident that the engagament of Technotrade in this project will result in a production of state-of-the-art machine which will be equipped with all the advanced functionalities and innovative solutions that we had agreed on as a part of the concept draft. We knew that Technotrade has a proven record of designing and improving automotive solutions for mobile machines and it can utilize a team of highly experienced control software designers. Additionally, we have we have had positive experience with Danfoss components and appreciate the continuous evolution of their propel drive solution resulting in better machine performance and more cost-effective operation.
Jakub Kejduš

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