Forestry Tractor

We have designed hydraulic and electronic control system of a forestry tractor for the Slovakian manufacturer ORVEX. One of the main goals was to achieve the highest level of comfort for the operator possible, with a focus on ergonomy and work effectiveness. The tractor is equipped with steer-by-wire technology as well as a remote control which can be used for all essential functions.

Work functions can be performed either directly from the cabin, with a set of joysticks and displays, or remotely thanks to the full-fledged remote control. One of the key advantages of the machine is the option to implement a steer-by-wire technology that features the SIL 2.

To logically integrate the functions and manage the steering, travel and work functions, we have developed a tailor-made control system for the tractor using the Danfoss PLUS+1 platform.

The machine uses a hydrostatic travel drive system while the main hydraulic circuit includes a time-proven PVG 32 and Danfoss axial piston pumps from Series 45.

Jakub Kejduš

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