Forest Forwarder

Together with our long-term customer we have developed a new version of a forest forwarder used in thinning. The customer’s requirement was to modernise our time-tested concept and supplement it not only with more advanced travel and work functions, but also simplify the electrical connection using as many elements communicating via a CAN bus as possible.

The hydraulic travel system uses electrically-controlled hydroelectric generators and hydraulic motors of the H1 range for closed circuit, and the work functions are taken care of by the time-tested combination of the S45 hydroelectric generator and PVG 32 distributor.

The whole system uses several micro-controllers which communicate with each other and with the machine’s combustion engine via several CAN buses, tailored software is used to control the travel and work functions as well as the cooling. In several machines a telematic solution is used for transmission of the data to the machine, for remote installation of new software and for predictive service.


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Jakub Kejduš

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