Arm set

Due to great customer interest in solutions for the electro-hydraulic operation of hydraulic arms for forest forwarders, we decided to create a set consisting of an eight-section PVG 32 distributor, two PROF 1 joysticks and electrical wiring adapted specifically for installation on a tractor with a forwarding trailer. The distributor can be adapted for any commercially available hydraulic arm (Palms, Cranab, Nokka, etc.).

PVG 32

The PVG 32 distributor has six proportional sections for the arm and two on-off sections for the supports. The distributor is fully compensated so that there is no interference between the flow rates in its individual sections and so the operator can comfortably and safely control several functions of the arm at the same time. The flow rates in the individual sections of the distributor as well as the secondary pressure limiting valves can be set. These parameters are mostly set in accordance with the technical documentation of the hydraulic arm.

PROF 1 Joysticks

The set includes two PROF 1 ergonomic joysticks. Each joystick has three proportional functions and one on-off function. The distributor is controlled by a voltage signal that goes from the joystick directly into the distributor. There is no need to use a computer or any other control feature. All controlling electronics are integrated directly into the electrical module of the PVG 32 distributor.

For an extra charge, joysticks can be selected which offer the possibility of setting the required flow rates in the individual sections of the distributor while maintaining the full path of the joystick. As a result you can easily debug the operation of the hydraulic arm to suit your needs.


The wiring, which is part of the set, consists of a part located in the tractor and another part located on the forwarding trailer. These parts are connected by a durable connector. The whole system is designed to ensure that the customer has to do as little installation work as possible, so all that needed to be done is to attach the joysticks in the cab of the tractor and connect them to the wiring, install the wiring on the tractor and trailer and connect the connectors to the distributor.

If you are interested in this set, please call or write to our technicians.


Jakub Kejduš

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