New website dedicated to Electric Drives

As a part of our effort to be a strong partner to OEMs in machine electrification projects, we have launched a dedicated Technotrade Electric Drives website that focuses on presenting our know-how and experience with electric drive solutions.

The aim of the one-pager website is to explain briefly some key advantages of the electric power and encourage the off-highway equipment manufacturers to consider an electric or hybrid drive solution as a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional diesel and petrol engines.

Thanks to our broad experience with designing and tailoring battery-powered drive systems for different types of equipment, we believe we are able to clearly articulate and demonstrate the number of benefits that switching to electric power brings to both machine manufacturers and operators.

To design an effective and reliable electric or hybrid drive, it is of course necessary to work only with high-quality electric motors, motor controllers or battery packs that are produced by well-established manufacturers. Which is why we are proud of our long-term co-operation with renowned brands such as Danfoss Editron, Benevelli, Curtis Instruments or Vanguard.

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Jakub Kejduš

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